Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ben Abraham Sirens 2014

A hidden gem in the indie singer / songwriter category, Ben Abraham is the real deal!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
Australian Ben Abraham has a bright future. So many singer / songwriters seem to languish in the more acoustic folk genre with a sound that can be at best be described as generic. Sirens transcends genre by marrying folk, an oddly engaging alternative country influence with a strong melodic pop sensibility, an artist not easily pigeonholed. A clear and pristine voice that while technically as good as anyone recording for a major label is delightful emotive.
Sirens works especially well with a zen like simplicity in songs that are delightfully emotive. Abraham is an incredibly strong lyricist that can go deep without ever becoming bogged down in the pretentious mire of lyrical tedium. Smooth jazz fans often refer to a record as "chill" and while elevator music misses the mark for me on virtually every level, Ben Abraham's Sirens embraces a chill factor while never lulling the listener into the melodic boredom often associated with similar sounds. If Abraham is not signed to a label in the United States then the music business is truly doomed to let a talent of this nature slip through their fingers. One of the most impressive debut releases for an indie act in some time!