Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Art Hirahara Libations And Meditations Posi-Tone 2014

As a leader, Art Hirahara comes into his own with Libations and Meditations!
Brent Black /
Nine originals with a variety of style and flexibility in meter have Art Hirahara quickly moving to the front of the pack for pianists and especially the predictable tedium of the average piano trio. Joining the session we have the rhythmic direction of John Davis and the great bassist Linda Oh. An all star trio would be an understatement as a free flowing movement across a wide harmonic spectrum pushes Libations & Meditations to the next level.
Within the variety there is a cliché zen like quality of introspection and emotive exploration. Hirahara is widely regarded as an A list session artist yet his latest release as a leader may well have his career moving front and center as one of the finest pianists in the Big Apple and beyond. While the originals show an incredible depth of harmonic movement, the Bill Evans cover of "Only Child" is but one of many standout tracks. The original "Big Country" is certainly another standout track.
The exponential growth and development shown with Libations & Meditations is nothing short of stunning, Bill Evans meets McCoy Tyner buy with the unique style of Art Hirahara. Easily one of the best for 2014, virtually flawless!

Tracks: With Two Ice Cubes; Father's Song; Be Bim Bop; D.A.Y; Karatachi No Hana; Only Child; Dead Man Posed; Big Country; The Looking Glass; Bop Bim Be; Nereids And Naiads.