Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Allegra Levy Lonely City SteepleChase 2014

Lonely City

Pristine swing for the next generation!

Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

The true lyrical swing torch has be relit and is now being passed to the next generation and Allegra Levy is certainly a more than qualified standard bearer! Eleven originals with stellar arrangements and a band featuring luminaries as Richie Barshay, Carmen Staff are propelling Levy to the head of the pack of the tightly knit sorority of the female jazz singer.

Normally a release such as Lonely City would include a handful of well placed covers yet Levy is truly solo with an all star band and the chops to back up her skills! There is an organic depth to Lonely City that while seldom heard is highly infectious. The rather introspective "A better Day" embraces an Ella Fitzgerald vibe while "Lonely City" is deceptively subtle with a nuanced and slightly more contemporary vibe.

There is simply very little to harp on with this release and Allegra Levy has now established herself as an artist to watch now and in the future!

Tracks: Anxiety; I Don't Want To Be In Love; Everything Green: A New Face; Why Do I; A Better Day; I'm Not Okay; Clear-Eyed Tango; Lonely City; Our Lullaby; The Duet