Saturday, November 29, 2014

Zach Winters Monarch 2014


The epitome of what an indie artist is all about, Zach Winters scores with Monarch!

Brent Black /

Sounds like? Again always a dangerous question since none of us really have the same musical base from which to draw but gun to my head think of Bruce Cockburn meets Bon Iver and you would certainly be in a reasonable area of sonic exploration. A personal release of sorts examining affairs of the heart, a bit touchy feely  for me in spots but that is simply a perspective.

Sound quality is pristine with quality compositions to match. A very emotive release, not the typical acoustic folk rock knock off that so many of us are hearing these days. An alternative music fan's guide to alternative music - yep, that easy.

Like so many artists, Winters has self funded this release and support even after release is of course crucial for so many artists. This is a release of immense depth, emotion and above all quality. Search it out and sample the release for yourself and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. One of the better descriptions called it the perfect Starbucks / NPR hybrid of sound. Not bad when you think about it...

4 Stars