Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tyler Hinton Hooptie Tune 2014

Indian Summer, Tyler Hilton

Tyler Hinton - The next John Myer? Yes...Only better!

Brent Black / critical jazz.com

Tyler Hinton is an entertainer be it music or acting.  The embodiment of what the singer / songwriter is all about we find an artist comfortable inside his on skin and would like to join you in your skin as well but...he does it though song. Independent yet with the interest of WEA, Hilton has progressed faster than most independents and with a considerable amount of credits to add to his resume...While Indian Summer is but a taste of what Hilton can muster, the best may still yet to come.

Appearing on the Walk The Line Soundtrack is certainly a feather in artist's cap, Indian Summer is his own uniquely personal look at life and all the fun baggage that comes along for the ride. A bit more country or at least from an alternative country perspective ha Hilton doing some incredibly creative material and showing just how far he stretch as an artist.

Alternative  country, folk  or whatever works has Tyler Hilton leading the charge for a new and much needed musical revolution. Allow rap to die a natural death and allow us to bring American root music and melody back from the witness protection program....