Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tom Teasley The Love Of The Nighingale 2014

Tom Teasley is an amazing global artist creating aural soundscapes that defy genre.
Brent Black /
Tom Teasley has the unique ability to recreate his own wheelhouse. The rhythmic base from which Teasley conducts his percussive explanatories would best be described as Asia, Africa and the Middle East yet it is within these global genres that Teasley moves effortlessly while creating a rhythmic pulse of lyrical life. Organic would be overkill in describing the music and to remark that the music build upon a unique rhythmic heartbeat would border on cliché. The Love Of The Nightingale is the soundtrack from the critically acclaimed production The Love Of The Nightingale. Over fifteen different instruments including frame and electronic drums take would be considered by some as somewhat ancient music and push the harmonics to a more contemporary flavor. For the theory geeks that walk among us the meters are 5,7,9,11,13 which highlights the rhythmic sense of forward motion.
The flavor here is a Greek / Balkan cerebral journey in time, ancient to modern the sound and the manipulation of melody is meticulously developed within complex rhythms that have been deconstructed and tweaked, never mangled. There is a smoldering air of authenticity reconfirming that Teasley's rhythmic life force is one that defies the self imposed limitations of genre and instead embraces the visceral freedom of where the harmonic rhythms of the day can send each of us while on the lyrical journey of life. An impressive display from one of the most unique if not gifted percussionists of our time.
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Tracks: Dance Of Aphrodite; For The Love Of The Nighingale; Toccata; Philomele's Song; Seven Sages; Kronos; Bacchanal; Nine Muses; Secrets Of The Wine Dark Sea.