Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tineke Postma / Greg Osby Sonic Halo Challenge 2014

Rising star Dutch saxophonist Tineke Postma joins forces with former mentor Greg Osby for a postbop riff on modern jazz for the next generation.
Brent Black /
A student of NEA Jazz Master Dave Liebman it is apparent to even the casual listener that Tineke Postma is the equivalent of a harmonic sponge and her work with Greg Osby is the collaboration of the two opposite ends of the lyrical spectrum. Acclaimed critic John Fordham described Postma's approach as that of a young Wayne Shorter, I disagree. The voice and lyrical sense of purpose is the unique presentation of perhaps the most inspired modern jazz saxophonist since former teacher Dave Liebman. Osby takes a more nuanced or textural approach to his performance here with the end result, two great voices that sound great together. (You got chocolate on my peanut butter).
The band is an all star lineup of impressive talent including pianist Matt Mitchell, bassist Linda Oh, drummer Dan Weiss and trumpet phenom Dave Douglas. A true old school collective searching for that modern jazz groove that eludes so many. Postbop, hardbop or incredibly accessible free jazz finds the collective spirit of melodic discovery an amazing journey that while cerebral in composition is oddly visceral in execution. Postma and Osby are as artistically gifted as they are technically proficient. An amazing hybrid of a contemporary groove and a post modern flow. Simply amazing.
Tracks; Sea Skies; Facets; Source Code; Where I'm From; Nine Times A Night; Bottom Forty; Melo; Body and Soul; Pleasant Affliction.