Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thompson Family Fantasy 2014

The Thompson family is in fine form with the aptly title release, Family. A stellar release of all new material.
Brent Black /
Name familiar? It should be, Richard Thompson came to notoriety with the legendary Fairport Connection and then lesser known but equally as influential Golden Palominos. Son Teddy would seen to have been the driving force for getting this incredible family back in the studio but the real story may be the highly original and organic songs that put Richard Thompson and his amazing family back on the lyrical map.
Equal to the incredibly moving compositions there is a sound quality not often heard on similar releases. The Concord Music Group is the label and the reputation for quality is second to none. Richard Thompson can and is often referred to as "eclectic" yet there is a driving accessibility to his music and thanks to the help of his family, Family is arguable the finest release for this 65 year old folk rock guru whose music has been recorded by such legendary acts as REM and Los Lobos.
The songs are uniquely personal, critical analysis is virtually pointless having not walked a mile in Thompson's shoes. The one aspect that is a given would be that the resurgence of the alternative folk rock genre certainly owes the Thompson clan a debt of gratitude and perhaps more with the release of Family. A semi auto-biographical tale of just what music if not life is all about.
Tracks: Family; One Life At A Time; Careful; Bonny Boys; Root So Bitter; At The Feet Of The Emperor; Right; Perhaps We Can Sleep; That's Enough; I Long For Lonely.