Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Nemo Project Silent Neuklang 2014

Nemo Project: SILENT

A trio working just a little left of center, a cutting edge ensemble rewriting the definition of what improvisational music is and how it should be defined!

Brent Black /

Jazz has been come to be widely accepted as more of an umbrella term when considering improvisational music from a more global perspective. The Nemo Project will release silent in January of 2015 and this particular recording embraces a plethora of influences that run the sonic spectrum from contemporary funk to a more ambient based emotive free jazz presentation.

The release opens with the mournful wail of trumpet players Cuong Vu and Giorgio Distante on the track "Ouverture" while moving to an organic vocal display from Claudia Pantalone on "Emmanuelstrasse" where her lyrical arsenal is at times captivating while showing off a dynamic range. Bassist Michelangelo Brandimarte is as good as they come while demonstrating a masterful display of both contemporary and funk oriented attacks on compositions including "Changes" which oddly morphs into a more operatic presentation where vocalist Pantalone is sublime. Drummer and percussionist Claudio Bollini allows the group to move past traditional sounds while never pushing the pretentious envelope.

Improvisational music that is arriving from Europe is cutting edge, inventive and dynamic in it's harmonic attack and the Nemo Project is the new voice of improvisational discovery.

Additional featured artists include: Cuong Vu: Trumpet; Ramberto Ciammarughi: Piano; Giorgio Distante: Trumpet; Lusiana Lorusso: Violin; Beatrice Sarti: Cello and Voice; Amp: Choir.
Tracks: Ouverture; Emmanuelstrasse; Between The Time; Under Dress; Changes; Interlude; Silent; Water Noise; A Liar Pact; In The Weaving; World Wake Up; Analogital Blues; Nordenplatz; Ending.