Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Liver Chronicles...The Tumor Train And A Milestone

Well...They found another tumor or what they refer to as a small to medium size mass in the center of my chest. Not good. The "good news" is I just passed 900 thousand hits. No way I will see a million by the end of the year but I do have over ten million thanks to Google Plus.

A former editor (John Kelman) gave me some good advice...Sometimes it is important to know when to say "f it" and walk away. I agree as my health is more important than the site. Miss it? Sure...Need it? No...Knowing when to walk away is as important as the project itself. Kelman also taught me that in writing a review sometimes less is more. I don't believe in over kill and while my opinions about the music business are widely known and largely not welcome, it is time to finish out the year and concentrate on my health.

I leave happy, fulfilled and satisfied...I did what I could and I would not have made it without your help. I am blessed to have received such kind thoughts, prayers and well wishes...Now it is time for me, I earned it...Take some time for yourself as you probably earned it too.

Be well,