Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - Cancer, Death and Dying...

My 102 year old grandmother passed away. I won't be attending any of the services because I am simply too sick to travel to the adjoining county. I am also not thrilled at answering the myriad of questions that will be coming my way and the sad looks that are destined to find their way throughout what would sure to be some painful conversations. The finality of the situation has yet to take hold but it does make one think. Reflection is a soul shower of emotion.

Regrets? None...Be they here or in my personal life, I made my own choices and my own decisions and while some came back to haunt me there is no looking back. If you can learn from a mistake then you are ahead of the game. If you allow the mistake to take root then you are asking for trouble. I don't like conflict, never tried to intentionally hurt anyone. I have a passion button that was stuck on ten the day I was born. A great many people don't get me and a great many people don't try. As an editorial writer my goal has been to inform, educate and hopefully entertain on some level. Some days are better than others, happens with cancer too.

If I can offer any advice at all it would be to continue to push forward. If someone gets in your way, leave your shoe print on their chest and keep moving. Always keep moving, makes it harder for death to find you.

Be well,