Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Call Featuring Robert Levon Been of B.R.M.C Live At The Troubador Lightyear 2014

Gone but far from forgotten, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Robert Been fronts an electrifying tribute to his father and former Call leader singer Michael Been.
Brent Black /
The music business is built on rejection as much as it is on any mythical mountain top of fame and fortune most bands are seeking. The Call came out of Santa Cruz and having more than their fair share of rejection the band went on to critical acclaim including opening for such legendary acts as Peter Gabriel and Simple Minds.
After 25 years, Robert Been steps into his father's shoes to continue the uniquely personal examination of life and all the accompanying baggage for a CD +DVD live set that should thrill the hardcore fan and introduce their music to the next generation as well. The Troubador was the setting for this most memorable show. All the stars were in perfect alignment and the synergy of sound captured is nothing short of amazing. Live tribute releases such as this are well known for being either feast or famine, The Call's sound is in take and taken on new character with age. We should all be so lucky.

Track List:  1. Everywhere I Go
2. I Still Believe
3. I Don't Wanna
4. Floating Back
5. Into The Woods
6. Turn A Blind Eye
7. Oklahoma
8. You Were There
9. Red Moon
10. Let The Day Begin
11. Modern Romans
12. You Run
13. The Walls Came Down
14. Uncovered