Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Alarm Clock Conspiracy Harlequin 2014

Alarm Clock Conspiracy | Harlequin

The Alarm Clock Conspiracy avoids the sophomore slump with the dynamic new release, Harlequin!

Brent Black /

Sounds like? Themselves of course...However as a lyrical point of reference consider Tom Petty meets Wilco yet with the potential to unleash a Foo Fighter type fury almost at will. One of the most creative new releases for 2014. Rock bands seem to be rehashing some of the same tired ground they have for some time. Harlequin features original compositions banged out by something slightly more elevated than a garage band on steroids.

There is a rather dynamic pop sound to Harlequin but not in the commercial sense but as compositions that have a lyrical sense of purpose and variety that allows a fresh perspective on a genre that is in desperate need of help as sales would sadly indicate. "Got My Mind Made Up" is that melodic happy place between Tom Petty and alternative country,  fresh and vibrant. "On" with a driving beat and clean vocals could chart almost out of the box. A dialed down "Something Tells Me" with an almost anthem like riff is another entertaining tune with mad potential

All in all...A solid and well crafted release with a tremendous likeability for those looking something just a little different without being forced down the pretentious road so many artists seem intent on traveling. Check it out for yourself: