Sunday, November 16, 2014

ST 37 / , My Education / Theta Naught Sound Mass

ST 37, One of the most promising independent bands on the scene today yet they have been doing this since 1987.
Brent Black /
Like fine wine, prog rock and ST 37 just seem to get better over time. ST 37 enjoys pushing the harmonic envelope, never satisfied and seemingly never complacent with an ever evolving sound. The musical resume for ST 37 is impressive including sharing stages with Sonic Youth and Hawkwind. The band sound has now enveloped to a dense nuanced texture of sound and silence. Their work has been critically acclaimed and similar to another band aptly titled My Education - Theta Naught Sound Mass embraces a symphonic fury of sound similar to that of early Pink Floyd. While progressive rock has never been knows as a bastion of improvisational wonder, ST 37 and My Education are both well versed and pushing the harmonic envelope and thus developing and new and deeper fan base.
4 Stars!
ST 37 - I'm Not Good.
1. Down on Us 2. Doppelganger 3. Dirty Little Homewrecker 4. In Crowd 5. Odd Ass Silence 6. Girl Like You 7. Baxty 8. Eroica Horns 9. Magnetic Amphibian Hydrated Gills 10. Feeding Freenzy 11. The Pit Out Back 12. Doppelganger's Doppelganger
My Education - Sound Mass II, Spiritual Docking
1. Salty Tassels 2. Spiritual Docking 3. Meanwhile, Approximately 30 Miles Outside Chico 4. bAmF 5. Sammy's Sounds Sautrday Night; Bonus - Dingerland, End Mass.