Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sienna Root Pioneers Cleopatra 2014

Pioneers (2014)

01 Between the Lines
02 7 Years
03 Spiral Trip
04 Root Rock Pioneers
05 The Way You Turn
06 Keep on Climbing
07 Going Down
08 In My Kitchen

Underground phenomena, Siena Root is looking to carve out their own nitch on the American rock and roll landscape. Describing sound with any sort of reasonable accuracy can be a bit difficult as we all operate from different points of reference so try this, The Black Crowes meet Deep Purple. One foot in album rock roots with both eyes looking ahead to a trippy sound that works well when compared with some of the prefabricated corporate sounds coming out of record label board rooms today.
A retro groove but not so buried in the based that Siena Root sounds dated.
Sienna is the real deal and drawing critical acclaim across the globe. "The Way You Turn" is a powerful original, well thought out and perhaps a signature song for the band. A sonic mind melt of the classic "Whole Lotta Love" shows off versatility and the ability to reach far deeper than their own material and pull it off with great success. A dynamite recording.