Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shae Can You Feel The Music Tarpan 2014

Narada Michael Walden goes panning for lyrical gold and finds a gem with Shae!
Brent Black /
O.K. the name is actually Shaney Johnson but a rose by any other name...Lots of musical ground covered with Can You Feel The Music as we move from singer / songwriter to dance oriented material yet the flow is seamless. Having your debut release produced and arranged by Narada Michael Walden is certainly a plus but make no mistake you need to have some chops to pull it off. One of Shae's claims to fame thus far is singing with former Jefferson Starship guitarist Craig Chaquico.
Shae has an extensive background in musical theatre and that could translate into bad karaoke for some, Johnson has the ability to use this training to her benefit. A clear and pristine voice coupled with perfect timing and entertaining presence allows songs such as "Can You Feel The Music" along with "Addicted" and "Have Faith" to each assume a unique role in her lyrical arsenal.
The overcrowded sorority that is the female vocalist always has room for one more, if they can bring it. Shae would seem to have a bright future and under the watchful eye of Narada Michael Walden the sky could indeed be the limit. A solid way to kick off a solo career!
4 Stars
Tracks: Shooting Star; Can You Feel The Music; Addicted; Wanna Be By Your Side; Take Me To The City; Lights; I'll Be There; Heat Of The Moment; I Won't Let You Go & Break My Heart; Ocean; Have Faith.