Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shades of Jade 2014

An up and coming band out of Kansas City with a take no prisoners attitude and chops to match!
Brent Black /
Shades of Jade has a rather lengthy harmonic description which includes jazz, neo-soul and hip hop. A band can not be all things to all people at least until they gain enough mileage and chops to marry a myriad of genres with a seamless execution and flair. There are bands that have been together for over a decade still searching for this sound.
The Neo-Soul smolders just below the improvisational chill of a band that knows exactly where they are moving lyrically but are still developing the skills to reach that destination. Joshua Williams on trumpet is as good as it gets. Dominique Sanders is also a member of the collective Project H. The tunes are solid and well conceived yet the only bump in the road may be getting bogged down in a style lacking some forward movement but this is where time and experience fix everything. Smooth jazz has been looking for this sound for years but make no mistake this is not smooth jazz, this is contemporary improvisational music that transcends boundaries and shatters genres. A most impressive release from a band whose musical stock is an arrow pointing straight up!
4 Stars with a bullet!
The Quartet consists of Joshua Williams (Semi-Finalist 2010 National Jazz Trumpet Competition) on Trumpet, Eddie Moore on Keyboards, Dominique Sanders ( Member of Project H, and Groove 101) on Bass, and Julian Goff on Drums. Under the direct influence of Kansas City’s own Bobby Watson the experimental group has already taken the local scene by storm.