Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rose Ave You and I RCA 2014

Best release for 2014? Given the subjectivity of taste, you may be hard pressed to find something better!
Brent Black /
A most intriguing and deconstructed look at the lines that blur alternative country, folk and indie pop. While there is nothing directly "pop", the lyrical base is strong and unyielding to the conventions and self imposed limitations of genre normally set by most labels. Dallas Green began his career with the more hardcore sound of Alexisonfire yet magically morphed into one of the finest singer/songwriters of our time. Alecia Moore happens to be the vocalist most fans know as Pink...This isn't Pink, it is way better!
Floating harmonies and the gift of lyrical deconstruction place tunes such as the Sade cover at the top of the harmonic mountain while "Unbeliever" takes a far more nuanced approach focusing on texture and intimacy. Moore does drop a few classic power ballads but with taste, flair and that artistic pinache that has served her well for many years. Green continues his exponential growth as an artistic whose musical stock is merely an arrow pointing straight up.
While never short on variety, the duo never gets in their own way. Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication and Rose proof positive.