Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ron Miles Circuit Rider Enja 2014

Ron Miles makes the cornet cool again!
Brent Black /
Master cornet player Ron Miles is back with his second release featuring Bill Frisell on guitar and drummer Brian Blade. An intriguing release that throws together a seeming impossible hybrid of essentially roots music simplicity, the spiritual bent of American gospel and a post modern improvisational spin that pushes the harmonic envelope to a place where genre has little if any substantive meaning.
Minimalist in presentation yet deceptively subtle in theoretical approach, Circuit Rider is a release that revolves around the warmth of the Miles tone and the rhythmic ability of Frisell's guitar. The sonic glue that binds would be drummer Brian Blade. Analyzing original work is difficult for the most seasoned of veteran writers as though is no universally accepted base for artistic comparison. "Dancing Close And Slow" is a country based composition featuring Frisell while "The Flesh Is Weak" contains the lyrical finesse of Blade.
There are two central themes that dominate the compositions offered, maybe three. The warmth of Miles long tone exploratory journeys coupled with angular lines and evolving dynamics. Harmonically, this is the stuff theory teachers dream of...
Tracks: Comma; Jive Five Floor Four; The Flesh Is Weak; Dancing Close And Slow; Circuit Rider; Reincarnation Of A Lovebird; Angelina; Two Kinds Of Blues.