Saturday, November 22, 2014

Randy Ingram Sky Lift Sunnyside 2014

Randy Ingram hits the harmonic mother load with Sky Lift!
Brent Black /
The buzz on Randy Ingram has always been good, now it just went up a notch with Sky Lift!
Ingram is back with an all star 4tet and compositions that allow each member of the band to travel their own harmonic path of least resistance while exploring a myriad of melodic possibilities. Some of referred to Sky Lift as potentially one of the finer releases for 2014, they are not far from wrong in this assessment.
With the exception of the Bill Evans tune "Time Remembered" these are original compositions that showcase an all star rhythm section of Mike Moreno on guitar, Matt Clohesy on bass and drummer Jochen Rueckert on drums. Melody, meter and dynamics are masterfully manipulated yet the compositional strength and integrity are a unified constant of lyrical intent. "Silent Cinema" and "Late Romantic" are both more spatially opened ended as compared with the more lyrically intense Evans tune "Time Remembered" but it is the diversity of the ensemble and lyrical sense of purpose that allows the recording to shine.
Heed the buzz on Randy Ingram as this is an artist that has just taken a gigantic step up in harmonic weight class. A special recording.
Tracks: Sky/Lift; Silent Cinema; 99; Time Remembered; St. Louis; The Sea; Late Romatic; Nicky.