Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Outhead Send This Sound To The King 2014

Outhead | Send This Sound to the King

A cutting edge sound from a forward thinking ensemble, a new force in improvisational music!

Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

"Jazz" is perhaps the most fractured genre of music yet it is the rich diversity that keeps pushing improvisational music into new and different realms of creativity. Outhead is one such band, Free jazz meets punk. While the branches on the improvisational family tree are times overwhelming, the forward thinking sound of Outhead reaffirms the fact there is always room for one more.

Sound? Taste is of course subjective. To get one in the appropriate harmonic ballpark then think Roland Kirk meets Morphine, intense vision with a free form creativity not attempted in perhaps forty years. An individualistic collective that magically marries a compositional base to an open ended flow of ideas that creates a new and dynamic sound for the next generation of fans.

Conventional? Hardly, yet Outhead moves past and shatters free jazz thinking with a modern twist of intensity and lyrical purpose without shoving the listener into the harmonic abysses that contemporaries seem destined to follow. A chordless 4tet that moves effortlessly down the harmonic road less traveled. A cerebral soul shower of sound. I like it.