Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Obama - The New Face of Disaster.

Election Day...

Perhaps the most important mid term elections of our lives. Do we keep going down the progressive road to bigger government, higher taxes and a border lacking basic security or do we do an about face. Obama has indicated he will give amnesty after the election, an issue which should have been on the ballot. Obama will write another executive order forcing small businesses to pay more for unskilled labor. Obama can force the employer to raise the pay, he can't force them to stay in business.

Health Care - The lie of the year, if you have to lie then just how good was the plan from the start. Most Democrats were aware of the lie yet backed the Liar In Chief on principle alone.

National Security - In a move that made Jimmy Carter look like a genius and Obama look like Rain Man, Obama had NO national security plan to combat Isis yet he sends in 300 thousand Marines on a virtual suicide mission to fight Ebola...Do you really think Isis will back off? Their history shows violence is all they know, give it to them...Obama took an oath to protect this great nation against all enemies foreign and domestic #epicfailure.

Is this what you mean by Progressive? It's like being a little bit pregnant. Obama is not running but a vote for any liberal is a rubber stamp for an admitted liar. No integrity. None...No qualifications. None...Think about it, are you really better off? I don't think so.