Sunday, November 16, 2014

Neil Young Desperately Seeking Publicity...UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting afternoon on social media...

Neil Young announced a boycott of Starbucks because they are not forthcoming with the ingredients in their coffee. Fine...In principle I agree with Neil and look forward to the title of the new record, Have You Seen My Career Lately?

My issue are the naïve and misguided liberal ideologues that refuse to acknowledge that Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act which PROHIBITS their prosecution. Nice. I had one douchebag in particular that asked I supply a link when he refused to supply any supporting his claim GMO's were not poison.

I supplied three. Liberals refuse to discuss verifiable facts including Obama's admission he lied on health care reform. GMO's are in fact poison and most synthetically manufactured foods are highly suspect when it comes to any nutritional value. Blame Starbucks? How about the manufactures? How about Obama for setting a legal precedent with Monsanto? Everyone wants to point the finger at big business, the companies that supply jobs! Don't like Starbucks then don't work there or don't drink their coffee but don't infringe on my rights as a consumer. Peta tried the same crap and it did not work...Monday, Starbucks for breakfast and KFC for lunch!

I left Dave Davies page (formerly with The Kinks) and while I seriously consider pulling his review, I know his dog is not in this fight. Liberals are the most intolerant and uneducated people walking the planet today, I stand by that.

You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything...

Oddly enough as I predicted on Facebook, Neil Young has a new record coming out....Now the Starbucks boycott - I call bullshit Mr. Young.