Saturday, November 22, 2014

Miho Wada Jazz Orchestra Live At The Lab Florestar 2014

The Miho Wada Jazz Orchestra is back with a stellar live release, Live At The Lab!
Brent Black /
Live. One take and no overdubs, unheard of yet the Miho Wada Jazz Orchestra make it look easy. MJO fills a niche like no other act working today. A seasoned mix of contemporary instrumental and pan pacific pop places the ensemble as one of the elite recording acts today. Inventive and daring while never pushing pretentious overkill as some of their contemporaries. Natural, organic finds Live At The Lab naked jazz at it's very best.
MJO is essentially an acoustic based sextet yet they pack a mighty punch. Wada is more than the leader with five afterthoughts, she is the lyrical conductor. The end result of this two disc audio / DVD harmonic excursion is a sound that is vibrant and full of life. At times the melodies could seem somewhat "simplistic" yet they are deceptively subtle in their approach can dance to them!
The exponential growth of MJO is captured in all their glory and while more traditional contemporary jazz is taking a severe beating at the cash register, MJO is charting their own course and are in fact the future of modern contemporary jazz. A great set!
Tracks: The Dark Side of Bouncy Castle; Bailamos; Taking Off; Christmas Madness; Between The Sheets; Claudia's Holiday; Cherry Beer; Seaside Love Walk; Equinox; Ma-Ikka; Clock Hop; Los Dos; Matt's Funky Monkey.
Personnel: Miho Wada: Flute, Sax, Vocals; Pasacal Roggen: Electric Violin; James Donaldson: Cello; Andrew Rudolph: Guitars; Leo Corso: Bass; Jared Desvaux De Marigny: Drums.