Thursday, November 6, 2014

Michel Heroux Collage 2013 MIHER 03

The aptly titled Collage is a perfect testament to perhaps the finest guitarist in Canada.
Brent Black /
Jazz is an umbrella term at best to describe improvisational based music. Canadian guitar phenom Michel Heroux has been quietly working the Montreal music scene for more than a quarter of a century, Collage highlights a virtuoso like ability on electric, acoustic and virtually any genre specific label that can be found lurking between the two.
Collage is a musical smorgasbord of harmonic self discovery as Heroux moves from a high octane swing to an introspective and intimate blues and back to a more pop based sound that few guitarists would even consider attempting. The chill acoustic flavor of "Tango" pairs nicely with the blues nasty groove of "October Blues." Six string aficionados should have a field day with this release, a lyrical sense of purpose finds Heroux as technically proficient as he is artistically gifted.
Duets, trios and quartets finds Michel Heroux more than comfortable in any ensemble setting. If asked to pick ten guitar oriented releases to take to that mythical desert island, Collage would certainly make the list. One of the most impressive guitarists you will ever hear. One of Canada's best kept musical secrets!
Don't believe me? Sample it, better yet buy a copy!
Tracks: Namaste'; Tango; October Blues; Lawns; Ennio; Barcarole; Der Carre'; Easy; Valse No. 2; Oups!; Evelou; Loulou.