Saturday, November 29, 2014

Memphis Dawls Rooted In The Bone Madjack 2014

Rooted In The Bone
The Memphis Dawls are leading the way for the revitalization of true Americana folk music, but what is in a name?
Brent Black /
Guitar, violin and cello with a pop music under tow...It can't work but it does...This particular trio is reinventing a sound that many have tried but few have ever really nailed. Rooted In The Bone is the new release and is as fresh, original and organic as one can imagine. Alternative country? Uh, no...roots music that has been brought out of the witness protection program? Maybe...Excellent? You bet!
The band is guitarist Holly Cole, violinist Krista Wroten Combest and cellist Jana Misener. They have their sound in their head, a definite cerebral approach however they don't seem as concerned with the genre placement as they do the exquisite song selection and vibrant approach to an art form long given up for dead.
The singer / songwriter format is making a comeback...Some a bit pretentious bordering on tedious but Memphis Dawls are original artists writing quality songs and with the instrumental talent to seal the deal. Not much if anything to grind on here.
Tracks: Please Don't Leave Me Now; Skin Like A Cage; The Law; Anna; Liar; Starting Gate; Shadow In The Room; Ride Alone; Shoot'em Down; Where'd You Go My Love; Wait For You To Heal.