Saturday, November 8, 2014

Marlene VerPlanck I Give Up, I'm In Love Audiophile 2014

Marlene VerPlanck is the type of vocal artists others can only aspire to become.
Brent Black /
Aside from the somewhat old school looking cover art, there are a great many positives with I Give Up, I'm In Love. VerPlanck works more as a story teller than a true vocalist, combine this natural gift with a plethora of ensemble settings and an eclectic if not deep catalog few might be familiar with and you have a vocal jazz release with some muscle.
Guests such as tenor great Harry Allen drop by and Glenn Franke's Big Band provides the perfect background for an artist that has been working her vocal side of the jazz street about as long as I have been on the planet. Big band and trios are the wheelhouse for I Give Up, I'm In Love with each showcasing the various sides of the chameleon like ability that VerPlanck has to move effortlessly through a wide variety of lyrical ensembles while never missing a beat.
Those familiar with my work know I am at times brutal on female vocalists. Marlene VerPlanck is the embodiment of what a true vocal artist should embrace. Know the tunes, don't sing the words but instead make the music.
4 Stars.
Tracks: I Give Up, I'm In Love; Good Thing Going; How Little We Know; The Way You Look Tonight; I Love The Way You Dance; So Long My Love; Sleigh Ride In July; My Little Brown Book; Where Can I Go Without You; I Didn't Know What Time It Was; You're Really Someone To Write Home About; So Many People.