Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Leon Alvavardo 2014, Music From An Expanded Universe MRR 2014

Leon Alvarado 2014 Music from an Expanded Universe cover

Leon Alvarado releases a mini-LP that packs a progressive punch of adventure!

Brent Black

2014 Music From An Expanded Universe enlists the aid of Trey Gunn (King Crimson) along with Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel) and the Cyber Zen Sound Engine (Hall and Oates). The sound while progressive with a King Crimson meets Genesis flair is oddly contemporary and perhaps one of the most readily accessible and contemporary prog rock releases for today.

Impressionistic, a forward thinking surrealism and a lyrical accessibly p.o.v finds Music For An Expanded Universe somewhere lurking between a Yes and Genesis dichotomy yet pushing improvisational boundaries that labels from "back in the day" would seem to shy away from. Describing musical references for this release is virtually pointless as the multi-genre approach within the prog rock genre would seem to cover virtually all bases thus giving the band their own distinctive sound.

While progressive rock is being brought out of the witness protection program there in fact many imitators, Leon Alvarado is an original and the real deal.

Tracks: Irreverence Part 1; The 2014 Microcosm; Blood Like Red; Irreverence Part II; Cinemania "Alive."