Saturday, November 8, 2014

Joe Ferrara The Tiger Walks Through My Dreams IDP 2014

If the tiger walks through your dreams may I suggest running?
Brent Black /
A voice oddly reminiscent of Bobby Darrin but with a presentation that is the lyrical shotgun approach to music - keep blasting away and maybe you will hit something. Ferrara and company miss the mark across the board. Take a small big band with what should be a more traditional old school approach and pepper the release with Latin, exotica, rock, surf and cinematic valium and you have a release as subtle as a plane crash and not near as exciting.
Joe Ferrara has a better than average voice with phrasing and timing to match. Problem is with this vocal gumbo minus any hint of uniformity in flavor, there is no way a listener can determine who Ferrara is as any artist or the direction that he may best be suited for. The Tiger Walks Through My Dreams is simply all over the place and may be something best suited for intensive care patients that don't respond well to traditional sedation.
A bad release? Risk taking is one thing but going all over the harmonic map is fraught with peril and the end result is simply painful.
2 Stars, an A for effort...