Saturday, November 29, 2014

Imagine Dragons Night Visions Interscope 2014

A double disc set from Imagine Dragons? Well...It is about one disc too long.

Brent Black /

Today we have pop music that seems to have the shelf life of stale bread, Night Visions is no exception as interest begins to fade quickly. Is it bad? Not at all but it is somewhat like that Uncle that comes for the holidays and seemingly never wants to leave. The lyrical welcome is worn out quickly. The good news? It was free on Google Play so you really aren't out anything.

Oh, did I mention some of the tunes are repackaged from previous efforts? Perhaps this is justification for the two disc set. Production is spot on and the tunes for the most part are entertaining however unlike the latest from U2 which appeared for free in your iTunes account, you don't really get the bang for the buck so to speak.

Good not great. Nothing to get terribly psyched about.

3.5 Stars.