Saturday, November 22, 2014

Guru Freakout Mothership Cleopatra 2014


Music that transcends genre, space and time...Frank Zappa on steroids!

Brent Black /

Experimental music much like free jazz usually gets a bad rap, misunderstood genres at best. Working without a harmonic net while attempting to remain current and viable can be a daunting task. Progressive rock masterminds Mani Neumeier and Jurgen Engler (both legends on the European scene) join forces to take a stoner groove sound from previous decades and marry this with a more forward thinking approach coming from today's progressive scene with the end result as a release that sidesteps categorization and creates their own unique and wildly inventive harmonic trip for the listener.

Blues based yet trippy with a controlled sonic fury that borders on the psychedelic. A new sound and new edge that should have the more progressive rock fan clamoring for more!

While the release could have been longer, the expertise of the band more than makes up for an arbitrary time limit best left up to the band and their judgment!
Tracks: Notre Dame; The Snows of Mount Bonnell.
Bonus CD Only - A Little Bit Spacier; Elektrolurch - Mutation; Elektrolurch - Mutation Live