Friday, November 7, 2014

Greg Chambers Spreading Some Christmas Cheer!

Holiday Special & Upcoming Shows

Holiday Sale (limited time only)

Take me home this holiday season or give the gift of jazz to a loved one.  From now until Thanksgiving Day, Can't Help Myself is on sale for just $10 (+ CA sales tax) if purchased through the link below! Also, did I mention the shipping is FREE? 
To take advantage of this offer, just click here!

 With Bow

Upcoming Events

Join us for an amazing night of smooth jazz in the greater Sacramento Area, presented by RosieJ Entertainment.  Tickets: $10 at
 Fire Rock Grill
November 16, 2014- Double Barrel Wine Bar, Livermore, CA (4-7pm)
November 29, 2014- Private Event, San Francisco, CA
November 30, 2014- Double Barel Wine Bar, Livermore, CA (4-7pm)
December 9, 2014- Private Event, San Jose, CA
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