Sunday, November 30, 2014

Grace Kelly Working For The Dreamers 2014

Grace Kelly is indeed working for the dreamers as her music transcends genre and industry boundaries.
Brent Black /
Working For The Dreamers has left some fans scratching their head. After making an immediate impact as a straight ahead artist, Kelly takes a step back and creates a sound that contemporary instrumental music has been searching for over the last decade! Make no mistake, Grace Kelly hasn't gone smooth jazz but instead is enjoying making music that can cut a wider harmonic path and of course appeal and hopefully bring in a larger audience. Aside from the obvious instrumental talent, Kelly has a wonderful vocal ability and her song writing skills seem to only improve over time.
Contemporary instrumental music has a handful of artists attempting to toss in vocal tracks for what can only seem to be a somewhat desperate attempt at hitting crossover gold. Kelly seems to have mastered this approach without coming across pretentious, desperate or putting out material that you could perhaps here in any hotel lounge. Negatives here? One...This is an EP with only five tunes and a run time less than 25 minutes, too short when the quality of the performance is this solid.
Contemporary instrumental can stop their melodic experiment gone horribly wrong and check out Grace Kelly to see what the future for this dying radio format will hold.
Tracks: Working For The Dreamers; Cold Cold Water; Nothing Can Come Between Us; Touched By An Angel; What's It All About.