Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gemma Hayes Bones & Longing 2014

Critical acclaim continues to pour in for Gemma Hayes thanks to the stunning Bones & Longing.
Brent Black /
As the more independent folk music genre continues to catch fire, Ireland's Gemma Hayes is leading the charge. For the new fans and followers, the sound of Hayes and her work on Bones and Longing might best be compared to Bjork meets Tori Amos but with a bit more bite. The over whelming vibe has been described as "haunting." There is some bite to this release as rhythms and lyrical direction are carefully nuanced. Like many artists, Bones & Longing was financed thanks to fan donations.
Another key to success here would be the tunes are about life, love and of course longing. No social freak flag is being flown and the lack of pretention allows the release to develop a very special eclectic pulse. Ambient country, alternative folk, indie pop - Bones & Longing defies accurate labeling and that is always the sign of great music. The release does take a left of center direction in execution and it is this organic approach that has Gemma Hayes receiving the acclaim she richly deserves.