Sunday, November 2, 2014

French For Rabbitts Spirits Lefse 2014

New Zealand's  French For Rabbits offers up a new riff on the indie pop scene that is refreshing and hopefully the future for where the genre is heading!
Brent Black /
It would be the norm to have an acoustic based duet churn out a bakers dozen of a more melancholy look at life and thus leaving the listener somewhat cold and disengaged. Vocalist Brooke Singer's delicate interpretations and guitarist John Fitzgerald's introspective harmonics allow this most intriguing duet to stop out and walk their own lyrical high wire without a net and the results at times border on spectacular. The sound has moved towards a more orchestrated happy place of lyrical whimsy and melodic strength. Their first full release shows the incredible growth and amazing potential of a band that others may wave off with an idle hand, huge mistake.
The true sound is evolving with British folk and American retro seventies pop holding serve as their lyrical launching pad. A deceptively subtle sense of optimism from Singer and carefully place improvisational voice from Fitzgerald could easily have this band poised for greatness. A rare release that can attack both the cerebral and visceral planes on multiply fronts without the listener aware of the layered lyrical attack currently launched. They don't have to be, just listen. While I shy away from "vibe" and "chill" there is little doubt this is the release you dig out your favorite sweater and put the kettle on to boil.
Tracks; Name; Spirts; Woke Up To A Storm; Cold; Goat; Lean; Hard Luck Stories, Gone, Gone, Gone; Nursery Rhymes; The Other Side; Seafarer.