Saturday, November 29, 2014

Foo Fighters Sonic Highways RCA 2014

The Foo Fighters are all grown up...sort of.
Brent Black /
I have to be honest...Never liked Nirvana and found early Foo Fighters somewhat self indulgent. There is something a tad disingenuous about guys in their twenties ranting on corporate greed as they sit on bags of money they the vast majority lack the ability to count. Sonic Highways still shows the Foo Fighters having the ability to bring it with the best of them yet there is a deceptively subtle accessibility that may signal their acceptance with not only the music business but middle age. The release is carefully woven around the musical heritage of several U.S. cities and the results are a lyrical quilt of color and texture long missing from the majority of their music.
Sonic Highways is different and different is not bad, just different. For any popular music group to grow and survive on an artistic level then there must be some sort of development or harmonic evolution along the way. Some are calling the release flat, others wildly inventive. Taste is subjective. If you were a fan before then you may struggle with the release at first. If you were never a fan then you may find yourself listening to this release many times over.
Far better than average, 4 Stars