Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fabrizio Mocata Letter from Manhattan Alfa 2014

Fabrizio Mocata is another in the long line of well kept harmonic secrets coming out of Italy.
Brent Black /
Listed as a tango and jazz pianist, Fabrizio Mocata's artistry defies standard categorization as the lyrical flow of Letter from Manhattan is artfully manipulated where a melodic conversation takes shape within the quartet. Special guest and tenor titan George Garzone adds a nuanced presentation of texture and a deceptively subtle execution of lyrical intensity while pianist Mocata works from a bold color palate of sound.
For some artists that are working the European theatre of improvisational music have a far more cultural orientation than do their American contemporaries. Letter from Manhattan is the perfect storm whether the percussive pop of "Tango 22" or perhaps the more Chick Corea like "Conversation" we find an ebb and flow where each musical co-conspirator has room to push their own artistic temperament to the next level. One of the hidden gems would be the ironically titled "Depression" which is an old school smoker that reminds one of the early days of both Blue Note and Impulse. A unification of improvisational sound and theory.
There seems to be a cultural embargo with improvisational music. Italy is a variable gold mine of talent yet sadly most artists never make it past New York. Separate but equal never worked in American society and it could be devastating for the future of improvisational music. The term virtuoso is over played at almost every turn yet it is a perfect description for the music of Fabrizio Mocata.
LETTER FROM MANHATTAN, il nuovo Album di Fabrizio Mocata (AlfaMusic)
Fabrizio Mocata: piano
Ferenc Nemeth: drums
Marco Panascia: double bass
Special Guest: George Garzone: sax
Tracks: Just That; EST Side Story; Man Waltz; Depression; Iceberg; Tango 22; Spring; Trisofobia; Catablus; Conversation.