Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ettore Fioravanti Traditori Alfa 2013

It would seem only in the United States do we place an arbitrary time frame on music for critical review, Ettore Fioravanti's Traditori is proof positive good music has no expiration date!
Brent Black /
While Traditori was released in 2013 which would not seem to be an excessive length of time, it is light years in a business whose global mantra could well be, "What have you done for me lately?" Fioravanti's technical skills are being reproach yet it may be his compositional prowess and innate ability to play with a controlled sonic fury that drives virtually any of the ensembles he has performed with to new heights. Swing hard or go home. American drummers that may have a similar approach could include Jeff "Tain" Watts or Ulysses Owens Jr. Artistic comparisons can be fraught with peril but with the unwritten cultural embargo that keeps a great many European masters cooling their heels in their country of origin, you have to start somewhere.
Traditori transcends the typical western approach to improvised music, the rhythm is the counterpoint to the melody as the two work with a synergy of sound that would be considered unique to the western audience. "Perfect Day" is an open ended composition with a three dimensional harmonic depth of field, colors you can hear. "I Want You" creates an amazing dynamic tension, an improvisational wall of sound. Emotive, intimate yet bold and thought provoking. The minor key of "Apocalypso" embraces an unencumbered percussive snap with a lyrical sense of purpose and rhythmic approach flowing naturally from guitarist Marco Bonini.
It is the collaborative effort of these musical co-conspirators that allows Traditori to develop into a melodic presentation that their contemporaries are ill equipped to match. This is an ensemble as artistically gifted as they are technically proficient. Yet another superior release from an Italian ensemble that will continue taking the harmonic path of least resistance. A highly cerebral approach to original music that has not been sanitized for your protection.
Tracks: Camelot; Walk By Heart; Bemsha Swing; Polka Loca; L'onda; Perfect Day; Crisalide; I Want You; Wake Up; Apocalypso.

Ettore Fioravanti: drums...
Marcello Allulli: tenor sax
Marco Bonini: guitar
Francesco Ponticelli: double and acoustic bass
Enrico Zanisi: piano and hammond organ (by courtesy of Cam Jazz)