Friday, November 7, 2014

Eric Clapton Pilgrim Audio Fidelity 2014

Eric Clapton :: Pilgrim

Perhaps the most intimate and inspiring Clapton release thus far!

Brent Black /

The SACD Hybrid version of Pilgrim captures all the subtle nuances and elevates a release some critics panned to a new and rightful place as perhaps the most emotional Clapton release thus far. Commercial hits are not here, concert and album rock radio staples are. These are songs that will touch your soul and set your hair on fire all within seconds of each other.

While the normal cast of musical co-conspirators make their anticipated and stellar appearances including Steve Gadd and Nathan East, there are surprises from Paul Carrack (Squeeze) and bass phenom Pino Paladino. "My Father's Eyes" along with "River of Tears" and "Going Down Slow' are regulars on most Clapton concert set lists.

Audio Fidelity again strikes gold as they take a good album and elevate the same recording to a level of greatness. This is raw passion, a sad recording that misses melancholy and goes straight for your emotional soul. Despite some critical panning, Clapton fans responded with overwhelming enthusiasm and I believe you will too.

1- My Father's Eyes
2- River of Tears
3- Pilgrim
4- Broken Hearted
5- One Chance
6- Circus
7- Going Down Slow
8- Fall Like Rain
9- Born in Time
10- Sick and Tired
11- Needs His Woman
12- She's Gone
13- You Were There
14- Inside of Me