Sunday, November 2, 2014

Eliott Brood Work and Love Paper Bag 2014

I've been walking the harmonic road less traveled looking for new sounds and even better execution, Elliott Brood fills the bill nicely.
Brent Black /
One of Canada's best kept secrets would seem to have the mantra that slow and steady wins the race and based on critical acclaim that continues to pour in then they may be on to something. Music is a business, come on too strong and your career could be in the tank faster than hope and change, not strong enough and you are yesterday's news before you can even get out of the starting gate. Work and Love from Elliott Brood paints the portrait of an artist whose sense of direction is finely honed and of artist remarkably comfortable in his own skin.
Sound? Work and Love transcends genre and can pull from a wide audience. Hard folk, alternative country, indie rock has Elliott Brood creating a melodic mosaic with bit and pieces of rare gems scattered about. Back to sound, early Tom Petty or Neil Young meet the Black Keys or...somewhere in the mythical happy place. Taste is subjective and this is merely a baseline from which to judge.
Edgy, forward thinking and at times a bit anthemic we have Elliott Brood as rock and rolls new dark horse for stardom and something says we will not be disappointed.