Thursday, November 6, 2014

Eliot Bronson Saturn 5 Records / Hubbub! Music

Eliot Bronson may be one of the finest singer / songwriter artists since Bob Dylan.

Brent Black /

I watch and listen to music differently than some. As country has gone more pop, indie artists are embracing a subtle country vibe of the more traditional nature with the end result as fresh and organic as artists such as Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills and Nash and Paul Simon were back when the music business was about the artist not the business itself. Eliot Bronson's third release is an oddly contemporary look at a sound that is getting a second chance after being released from the harmonic witness protection program.

Bronson would seem to be all grown up within his artistic self. Take away top flight production and A list session players and you have a release that is a lyrical rock of personal self discovery for both the artist and the listener. The voice is like a fine single malt with just a hint of a burn as the after taste of these tunes are haunting.

It's an analog recording for added warmth and nuanced texture. This is one of those rare releases that hits all the necessary marks and hits them hard. As close to perfect as one can get. Sneaky good!