Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dylan Ryan Circa Cuneiforme 2014

Dylan Ryan / Sand: Circa              

Dylan Ryan continues to expand his horizons with Circa, a release that moves between old school fusion and the somewhat arbitrary term "jazz-rock" with relative ease!

Brent Black /

O.K. - I liked Sand a bit better but Circa has an upside as most fusion trios can not begin to cut the same wide harmonic path that Ryan and his musical co-conspirators can with a release that sidesteps standard labeling. Downside? Sometimes the release feeds off itself in an attempt to find that happy place between instrumental rock and free form improvisational music. It can at times be a bit much when attempting to follow the musical trail that band leaves in their wake.

The smaller lineup includes the amazing guitarist Timothy Young along with bassist Devin Huff. Dylan Ryan may well be the finest unknown drummer across the globe but I suspect this will change in short order. Circa still smacks of a rock release with an incredibly visceral approach, they are at times about as subtle as a plane crash. While some of the more intense work include "Voices" and "Saturn" there are some more intimate pieces including the stunning "Night Sea Journey."

All in all, a top notch release warts and all but then again who is perfect right?

Tracks: Trees, Voices, Saturn; Possession; Sledge Tread; Visionary Fantasy; Pink Noir; Mortgage On My Soul; Slow Sculpture; Low Fell; Night Sea Journey; Raw Rattle.
Personnel: Dylan Ryan: drums; Timothy Young: guitar; Devin Hoff: bass.