Saturday, November 8, 2014

Den of Lions OurLives Spartan 2014

Iceland's best kept secret, Den of Lions is a band on the verge of global stardom!
Brent Black /
The answer, Den of Lions. The question, The harmonic answer to indie Britpop such as Coldplay or Radiohead. Den of Lions works without a net and an incredibly innate ability to move from indie pop to a more rock anthem like delivery without blinking an eye. There is a subtle organic synergy of sound that permeates Our Lives. Bands play music while artists move to another level of deceptively nuanced textures, color you can hear and a rhythmic quality one can touch.
Dark and introspective, OurLives is the work of Icelandic duo Jon Born Arnason and Leifur Kristinsson. An intimate yet emotive journey that while challenging on a cerebral level, OurLives hits a visceral sweet spot few of their contemporaries can match. Icelandic chill? A plethora of great bands are coming out of Iceland and Den of Lions is certainly no exception. Production, lyrical strength and melodic flow are all on point. Indie pop from Europe is at times hit and miss, Den of Lions and OurLives is one of the very best.

01. Blissful Ignorance
02. Out O03 Blurry Eyesf Place
03. Blurry Eyes
04. NГєna
05. Anything Can Happen Now
06. A Sight To See
07. Seven Ways
08. Loose Lips
09. We Lost The Race
10. Too Much
11. Heart
12. Where Is the Way?