Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Damien Rice My Favorite Faded Fantasy Warner Bros. 2014

Damien Rice is back with an intimate portrait of self and of the music that has shaped his outlook on life, stellar!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
Rick Rubin has become the recording industries equivalent of the Dali Lama. When an artist is looking for a fresh perspective and new sense of purpose, Rubin is the man to call. My Favorite Faded Fantasy is the first release for Damien Rice and some things are simply worth the wait. There is a charming yet deceptively subtle vulnerability that allows Rice the freedom to express his lyrical intent without the undo or unnecessary side of the commercial end of the recording industry.
Rick Rubin allows Rice to deconstruct and somehow reinvent his own artistic intent with simple melodies that take flight and a more than able bodied cast of musical co-conspirators that are singing from the same page of the Rice hymnal. The singer / songwriter vibe can border on the pretentious yet with Rice there is a refreshing sincerity to his presentation. Perhaps the release could best be titled, How Damien Rice got his groove back.
Tracks: My Favourite Faded Fantasy; It Takes A Lot To Know A Man; The Greatest Bastard; I Don't Want To Change You; Colour Me In; The Box; Trusty and True; Long Long Way