Sunday, November 30, 2014

Copeland Ixora Tooth and Nail 2014

Copeland has released a monster recording, their first in five years!
Brent Black /
Copeland has never really achieved what most fans or critics would consider commercial success and their fan base would probably reply, "good." Ixora is somewhat of a departure from the alternative indie rock sound to something slightly more free form. An open ended spatial texture of ambient wonder while still embracing the organic nature of their original harmonic journey.
Mixed by Michael Brauer whose resume includes Coldplay and Bob Dylan, this is a band that has successfully reinvented their sound without tossing their legions of fans off the melodic cliff. A uniquely personal release borders on the melancholy yet never becoming mired in a pretentious self indulgence, the lyrics are inspired and at times inspiring.
Will they tour? Yes...The general nuanced flavor of the band might best be referred to as Brian Eno meets Coldplay. A great deal to appreciate with Ixora!