Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Huge No Confidence Vote For Obama!

Liberals are still crying in their beer this morning as the American people handed President Obama a no confidence vote and one of the largest in history! It would appear that the very lie Obama admitted telling and most Democrats admitting knowing in advance came back to haunt their political futures. Obama Care is now set to crash and burn faster than Hope and Change.

If you have to tell a lie to pass a bill just how good was the bill to begin with? Bragging about seven million sign ups is a bit disingenuous when these same seven million were merely complying with a law they wanted no part of. The second biggest lie was the Libyan cover up and the American lives lost due to a foreign policy that at best was lunacy and at worst criminal.

The future for Hillary? Bleak. When Obama goes down he has a history of taking as many people as he can with him. Had the country gone decidedly left? No...Has the pendulum shifted to the right? No...The American people are simply searching for honest men and women that represent the citizens and their wishes. Remember this is not a democracy, majority does not rule. This is a Constitutional Republic. Don't know what that is? Look it up.