Monday, October 27, 2014

Yoosun Nam Quintet Light of The City 2014

Yoosun Nam Quintet | Light of the City
Yoosun Nam is a rising star in the improvisational battleground of the Big Apple!

Brent Black /
Korean saxophone sensation Yoosun Nam has assembled an A list quintet for a diverse sound that captures the spirit of New York while never venturing off the harmonic path of lyrical purpose. Nam's sound is open, warm and with a sense of continuous forward motion the listener can go as far as their imagination allows.
Their is a zen like synergy of less is more while the musical conversations are that of a collective. The sound is at times ethereal, modern jazz with a smoldering contemporary twist. Debut releases are normally a sonic business card designed to introduce you to an artist. Nam doesn't play it safe and she doesn't phone this in with a bunch of shop worn standards. Eight vibrant originals showcase an individual sound that might possibly be described as that happy place between Steve Wilson and JD Allen yet her compositional prowess indicates Nam is very much a searching artist with an evolving sound that is part of the new direction for the straight ahead community. Recommended tracks include Up And Down, Light of The City and These Are Hard Times For Dreamers. Yoosun Nam is indeed a name to remember and an artist that is as technically proficient as she artistically gifted. Another independent rising star!
Tracks: Up And Down; Light Of The City; Alice; Bohemian Dance With Chagall; Deeply Sad; Myron's Blues; Bitter; These Are Hard Times For Dreamers.
Personnel: Piano: Kyumin Shim; Bass: Carlos De Rosa; Drums: Jesse Simpson; Guitar: Keisuke Matsuno; Tenor Sax: Chris Cheek (2,3,6); Alto and Soprano Saxophone: Yoosun Nam
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