Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tyler Porch Band Only The Sky Knows 2014

A true blues / rock hybrid, Tyler Porch Band has unlimited potential!
Brent Black /
The band is good now with the potential to be great soon, very soon! So often blues rock bands stick their head out much like Punxsutawney Phil only to see their shadow and in most cases never return. If they do get the all clear then the end result is a watered down knock off you can hear in any bar and in any city on every Saturday night because let's face it, the music is fun to play! Only The Sky Knows from Tyler Porch Band just doesn't play the notes they make the music.
This debut EP packs a powerful punch with a more organic stripped down yet straight ahead blues line that is filled with passion and all well written originals! A lyrical depth of field separates this release from the pack which is somewhat unheard of for a more traditional power trio. A collaborative effort of real music played by real musicians. Taste and interpretation is always subjective so if you dig a raw blues rock sound check out:
or from You Tube their single:
Tracks: Who I Am; Oh, Lady; Only The Sky Knows; Jess; My Love; Leftovers From Woodstock.
Personnel: Tyler Porch: Guitar and Vocals; Brad Kemp: Bass; Joey Robertson: Drums