Monday, October 27, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - If A Cat Has Nine Lives I Could Be In Trouble.

Last Monday I was rushed to the hospital with what turned out to be, a heart attack. But there is more to it as this event was triggered thanks to a second blood clot they had no idea existed as it was being "hidden" by the first. The heart is weak and they told me to consider this a warning shot of what could come later.

Within hours I was rushed into ICU with hemorrhaging in my chest, the blood clot was trying to make a break for it so they did emergency surgery and did what they call a tips procedure which involves placing a shunt in the liver and rewiring some veins. I almost bought it. I rallied. I've cheated death four times...the liver disease won't kill me, infections or heart attacks will. Law of averages.

In ICU about 30 minutes away from discharge!
The tips procedure is a last ditch attempt at a stall for comfort when they know total failure of the liver is coming. From a transplant perspective, I don't qualify yet. Lots of things go through your mind, I didn't have any worries thanks to your kindness on my medical fund. You allowed me to keep going. Even though I have but a few short weeks, I wanted to say thank you again. You lifted a weight from my shoulders and allowed me to do what I love...Who says you can't have cyber friends?
The patch on my neck is where they put a needle down through my jugular vein to begin the liver portion of my excellent adventure. There is another photo of my right arm which is bruised from wrist to elbow as I had 4 i.v.'s in at any one times. About 15 blood draws didn't help I'm sure...
So...rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated - for now. I am still fighting as best I can. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.