Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - I Said What????

There are not many writers that will use their own experience for a story where they actually end up looking bad...I am not an ordinary writer.

First...I am dying of liver cancer, not an excuse but hopefully an understanding base from which you can work. I am friends with Ted Allen of Chopped. An openly gay male. I have recently been handed my medical death sentence. I am angry...I referred to the new Apple CEO as a "fag." I have never been more ashamed in my life or what is left of it...I live with an angry homophobic father and things do rub off. I knew better and feel like shit for saying it. Most of you will not even see it so why am I doing this? A soul shower. I have precious little time, I won't leave dirty. I will own my mistakes and make amends and to all LGBT people - I am deeply sorry.

Ted Allen seemed to enjoy pushing the envelope of my mistake...Fine. I deserve it. I resent his pious self righteous stance but since I am sure he doesn't see many victories that jumping on this was like gold. I'm no longer friends with Ted, Chopped or anyone connected with the operation by my own choice. Good show but there are others....

I simply wanted to be honest and wanted you to know what happened. We all make mistakes, normally I just date them.